Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions are bespoke molecular products and product formats designed in collaboration with our customers. Together, we provide application- and process-specific products tailored for direct integration into customer assays and test devices. Our expertise in developing custom products, coupled with our core product technologies enable us to produce innovative and high-grade solutions for a wide range of applications.

Quality is at the forefront of all Apto-Gen technologies: ISO certification provides confidence that our manufacturing quality, reproducibility, and documentation meet the requirements of our customers.

New Product Development

  • Developed to customers’ specifications, our expert team of scientists will collaboratively design bespoke molecular products optimized for specific targets, samples and workflows
  • Customized Solutions are validated and produced according to our stringent manufacturing processes and quality procedures

Product Optimization

  • Off-the-shelf Apto-Gen products can be further developed and optimized to meet specific customer requirements and test specifications
  • Product compositions can be modified to enable specific instrument and detection-method compatibility (e.g. the addition of passive reference, intercalation or visualization dyes)
  • Most of our enzyme and master mix product lines can be made available at different concentrations to suit our customers’ needs

Product Format

  • Our existing enzyme master mixes are available in a separate reagent format enabling customers to optimize Apto-Gen products in-house
  • Final product formulations can be manufactured and dispensed according to customer requirements

Product Manufacturing

  • Product lines are available as white-label OEM solutions
  • We can provide our products in customized bulk pack and aliquot volumes

For further information on how the Apto-Gen team can help to develop Customized Solutions for your specific requirements, please contact us.