Our customization services enable novel product design and development to suit the specific needs of our customers’ applications. We offer flexibility in reagent format for direct integration into customer workflows, assays and test devices without compromising on performance.


Our systematic approach to product development enables us to manufacture bespoke products rapidly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on open communication throughout the customization process; from the initial custom enquiry, design and testing through to product launch and beyond, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners. We provide manufacturing flexibility to meet current and future production needs whilst maintaining our core, certified quality standards to complement customers’ regulatory requirements.

Initial Custom Enquiry
Please contact us about your custom product needs. We look forward to meeting you via telephone, email, or in person at our next tradeshow.
We will have a detailed discussion with you regarding your project requirements, including specifications, timelines, and delivery. Your designated Customized Solutions team member will provide you with a full quotation.
Your dedicated Apto-Gen team of expert scientists will partner with you throughout the design and optimization of your customized product. You will be able to communicate directly with our scientists during the development of your proof-of-concept product. We will supply reports and samples at agreed milestones to ensure your design inputs are met prior to optimizing the prototype to your exact requirements.
Once you approve the prototype, we will scale-up and start manufacturing your custom product. Our manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure consistent lot-to-lot performance. We also have several dispensing and packaging options available to best suit your requirements.
We use priority delivery services to ensure safe and timely delivery of your final product. Our team of experts remain available for assistance after your order is delivered.

Our established process and technology provide benefits for a range of applications across human and animal diagnostics, and environmental and food safety testing. For example, we can engineer our enzymes and master mixes to: maximize sample input and enhance sensitivity for low-copy number target detection; be more inhibitor-tolerant for direct-from-sample and lysate amplification; and contain inert visualization dyes for quality assurance checking during high-throughput screening.

For further information on our customization services, please contact us.