Ambient Temperature Stabilization


Our ambient temperature stabilization technology simplifies assay handling and processing by enabling molecular reagents to be directly freeze-dried into water-soluble pellets or beads. Our lyophilized reagents are stable at a wide range of temperatures which facilitates off-the-shelf rapid testing. This technology allows for simplified workflows and logistics, and more environmentally sustainable products by eliminating cold-chain requirements and reducing overall product wastage.


We have developed specialized master mixes powered by our high-performance, glycerol-free enzymes for direct lyophilization without additional excipients. Our technology enables the user to freeze-dry these master mixes with their assay material into readily rehydratable reactions. The Lyo Solutions product range is fully customizable and can be lyophilized in situ as pellets, or “picked and placed” as beads into a variety of reaction vessels (including tubes, plates, glass vials and microfluidic chips).


This technology has been used extensively by clinical testing laboratories for sensitive and high-throughput testing of infectious and non-infectious human diseases. Our specialized formulations further benefit applications such as agricultural field testing, food safety testing and clinical point-of-care detection of microorganisms.

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