Low-Copy Target Detection


Our proprietary hot-start DNA polymerase technology enables specific and sensitive detection of viral and bacterial pathogens. This technology helps to deliver early and more accurate diagnoses of human and animal diseases, resulting in improved treatment options and better patient outcomes.


Apto-Gen master mix formulations are powered by our novel hot-start polymerases enabling fast and broad dynamic range amplification whilst achieving single-molecule sensitivity. Together with our enhanced inhibitor-tolerant enzyme and buffer technologies our products are optimized for the detection of RNA and DNA in various biological sample types including blood, saliva and stool.


This technology can be utilized in various applications including the monitoring of emerging viral and bacterial threats, or for direct-from-sample detection in routine clinical testing of urinary tract infections and respiratory diseases (including influenza and COVID-19). This sensitive detection technology is also used in food and environmental testing to improve safety and quality outcomes through species identification and detection of low copy microbial contaminants.

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